"And then Arrakis turns into a cloud of love and disappears", or something.

Jodorowsky's Dune is really entertaining. I had known about the Incal and Metabarons connection, but I had no idea it had gotten so far along in pre-production. Even this guy's epic failure makes me feel like I've never accomplished anything. On the other hand, if this movie had actually been made, I'm pretty sure it would have been every bit as good as Flash Gordon. Or maybe Zardoz.

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  1. Has anyone produced "Zardoz: The Musical" yet?

  2. I like this trend. Seems like it might be a sibling to the documentary about Gilliam's failed Don Quixote.

  3. Owen Davis says:

    Just saw that documentary this weekend, it was great! One moment of extreme misogyny was unfortunate but the story was amazingly told.

  4. madopal says:

    The b-side for the Queen "Flash" 45 is "Football Fight." It makes me happy to know that someone, somewhere could still play "Football Fight" on an old jukebox, even if it is only a minute and change.

    "Klytus, are your men on the right pills? Maybe you should execute their trainer."

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