A screen saver inside a giant gas tank

320° Licht

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  1. J. Peterson says:

    Many buildings in Chartres are lit up at night with elaborate animated patterns during the spring/summer. Well worth a side trip if you happen to be in northern France.

  2. thielges says:

    This old gas tank converted into a performance space sits alongside a canal in Oberhausen, Germany and right next to a little forest converted to a zipline adventurepark. It is in the middle of Germany's Ruhrgebiet region: a heavy industry center that has seen some decline. There are plenty of huge obsolete structures there. The local governments decided to preserve rather than tear them down. Also interesting are Zeche Zollverein (An old coal mine and kokarie) and Landschaftspark Duisburg (a steel mill).

    The Duisberg-Essen-Dusseldorf is overlooked by most European visitors but contains some of that continent's most interesting 20th century relics. Skip Regensberg and go here instead.

  3. I just wanted to mention the appropriateness of the error message Vimeo gives on videos in my rss feeds (when read in Thunderbird). It nicely captures my reaction to many of your posts:

    "What's going on here? Some of your technology may be out of date"

    Yeah, those are often my first two reactions. What's going on? Oh, my technology's out of date.

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