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CQ: How did I not know about this?? If Barbarella and Danger: Diabolik are among your favorite movies of all time, you need to see this immediately. (If Barbarella and Danger: Diabolik are not among your favorite movies of all time, then we can't be friends.)

It's about people making a movie, Secret Agent Codename Dragonfly, loaded with homages to the above, which looks amazing, so there's that, but the framing story itself is also great. Lunar Marxists! John Phillip Law! Billy Zane!

Veronica Mars: I kinda loved this, and I'm kinda shocked by that, because there is not a history of movie-sequels-to-tv-shows being any good. The X Files movies sucked. The Farscape movies sucked. The Dead Like Me movie sucked. The Firefly movie was mediocre at best.

Anyway, this one is great! It captured all the bad decision-making and class-war fun of the series, with a dose of high-school-reunion hell on top. The fan service feels more satisfying than pandering.

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When you write enough screen savers, even the dust on your kitchen counter recurses.

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