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2D Rubens' Tube

The good stuff is at 3:38.
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Your favorite 2-piece keyboard. Go.

The Kinesis Freestyle2 is a reasonable shape, but the keys are mushy. Rubber domes, I assume, instead of springs.

By "2-piece" I mean QWERTY where the left and right side are physically separated and movable, not connected permanently at a fixed distance or angle.

Kits need not apply. No, I don't want to solder my own.

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Keming in The Postmodem Era

George_Spiggott wrote:

I just now started googling for the term "postmodem era" as a pun on the end of dialup, and it's remarkable how many hits there are in old documents, including those that predate the personal computer entirely. Apparently this kerning-based pun is overshadowed by the fact that an awful lot of text on the web got there by a process that began with OCR.
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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein you vote for us in Best of SF.

A screen saver inside a giant gas tank

320° Licht

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