Many snot rocks died to bring us this information.

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Reaffirming that your government can kill you with a robot without consequences. So that's good news.

Judge dismisses lawsuit over drone strikes

Permitting a lawsuit against individual officials "under the circumstances of this case would impermissibly draw the court into 'the heart of executive and military planning and deliberation,'" said Collyer. She said the suit would require the court to examine national security policy and the military chain of command as well as operational combat decisions regarding the designation of targets and how best to counter threats to the United States.

"Defendants must be trusted and expected to act in accordance with the U.S. Constitution when they intentionally target a U.S. citizen abroad at the direction of the president and with the concurrence of Congress," said Collyer. "They cannot be held personally responsible in monetary damages for conducting war." The lawsuit sought unspecified damages.

Hina Shamsi, director of the ACLU National Security Project, called it a "deeply troubling decision that treats the government's allegations as proof while refusing to allow those allegations to be tested in court."

"The court's view that it cannot provide a remedy for extrajudicial killings when the government claims to be at war, even far from any battlefield, is profoundly at odds with the Constitution," said Shamsi, one of the attorneys who argued the case.

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Measles Outbreak Traced to Fully Vaccinated Patient for First Time

So that's good news.

A person fully vaccinated against measles has contracted the disease and passed it on to others. The startling case study contradicts received wisdom about the vaccine and suggests that a recent swell of measles outbreaks in developed nations could mean more illnesses even among the vaccinated. [...]

Ultimately, she transmitted the measles to four other people, according to a recent report in Clinical Infectious Diseases that tracked symptoms in the 88 people with whom "Measles Mary" interacted while she was sick. Surprisingly, two of the secondary patients had been fully vaccinated. And although the other two had no record of receiving the vaccine, they both showed signs of previous measles exposure that should have conferred immunity.

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New-Age Bullshit Generator

We dream, we dream, we are reborn. We exist as sub-atomic particles. Nothing is impossible.

We must learn how to lead cosmic lives in the face of ego.

It can be difficult to know where to begin. The stratosphere is calling to you via four-dimensional superstructures. Can you hear it? Lifeform, look within and strengthen yourself.

Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is truth. By redefining, we self-actualize. You and I are entities of the world.

Beauty requires exploration. The infinite is buzzing with sub-atomic particles. Transformation is a constant.

Reality has always been aglow with storytellers whose lives are immersed in faith. Faith healing may be the solution to what's holding you back from an ecstatic ozmosis of truth. Through astral projection, our dreams are transformed into synchronicity. You will soon be aligned by a power deep within yourself -- a power that is interstellar, higher.

Eons from now, we entities will live like never before as we are guided by the quantum matrix. It is time to take wisdom to the next level. The quantum leap of inspiration is now happening worldwide.

(Exterminate all something something)


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"A smashed state is only one critical hit away."

Andy Warner:

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