Greetings From Interzone

The Cronenberg Museum!

The fourth floor of the venue housed the fictional BMC Labs, the mission of which I've covered previously on BAD, but suffice it to say they went the extra mile here, bumping my custom POD (and those of some of my friends) to the front of the queue so we could take them home. The Lab itself is a neat little marvel of production design, a single row of jars and a 3D printer transformed, through lights and mirrors, into an ominous, impressive-looking laboratory.

(I am now deeply ashamed to admit that I didn't get far enough in to the completely amazing Body/Mind/Change thing to realize that if you finished it, you actually got a 3d-printed parasitic appliance.)

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Energy Scavenging Ring

A blinking LED is powered by the temperature differential between the body and the air.

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The Harvest

I see The Laundry has been restocking their Hand of Glory reserves.

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