Wrist-Mounted Dali Clock!

Joshua Wise:

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  1. Phil says:

    And people say you are hard to shop for.

  2. Erbo says:

    Obviously, the Pebble has the horsepower to make this work that the Fossil Abacus WristPDA did not. I wonder what it does to the battery life?

    • Matt N says:

      The top video is probably worse (relatively speaking) compared to the bottom one. The Pebble CPU is pretty frugal and so a lot of battery draw is from screen drawing.

      Although the LCD in the Pebble only uses 10ma to display a static image, changing the image is expensive, power-wise, since it's a "line addressable display". Quoth the documentation:

      "This means that modifying a single pixel requires the entire line to be redrawn, thus it is equivalently expensive to draw between 1 and 144 pixels on a single line."

      So the video up top is going to burn more battery than the one on the bottom because more lines are being changed, whereas the face in the lower video is changing more individual pixels but fewer whole lines.

  3. Stu says:

    Nice !

    I remember being impressed with Dali clock back in the day :)

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