Today in robot stripper news

Jordon Wolfson's robot makes eye contact:

Giles Walker's robots got another gig, too:


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6 Responses:

  1. Mariachi says:

    lol @ stripping to “Graceland.”

  2. Brian Enigma says:

    I believe that lady-thing has been impaled by a stripper pole.

  3. Neal C says:

    The movement of the fingers really confuses my automata-recognition subroutines - most of the movement is clearly mechanical, but those hands are very nicely done!

    The eyes have it too - somehow the witch-mask makes them look worryingly real-looking by comparison; I'm sure they'd look less so if the face was uncovered (assuming it even has anything under there...)

    I saw those other pole-bots at last year's Makerfaire UK, in Newcastle - they felt a little off-brand for such a family-friendly event :P

  4. mattyj says:

    Where's the dick go?

  5. Timmyson says:

    Does anyone find the apparent burn marks disturbing?

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