"It's 640 x 480. That's what God said. VGA."

The 64-Bit Temple Operating System

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13 Responses:

  1. madopal says:

    The Holy Spirit can puppet you.

  2. Pavel Lishin says:

    Wait, is this the crazy man who is always commenting on HackerNews and getting downvoted to oblivion?

  3. aehiilrs says:

    I hope that his "songs by god" will end up in a mixtape some day.

  4. Flanksteak says:

    I was sold when he did the Count to 1000000 performance test. That and the potted plant in the Wolfenstein app.

  5. J. Peterson says:

    "The vision for TempleOS is a modern, 64-bit Commodore 64."

    OK, pretty low on the list of problems that needed solving, but a significant amount of effort none the less.

  6. Barry Kelly says:

    The man is very talented, but unfortunately, insane.

  7. Jon says:

    I was riveted for almost 8 minutes.

  8. L. Burton says:

    "Interpretation is tricky..." -- LOL.