"I'll be driving my icecream truck around NYC and an Indian cab driver will lean over and say "this song is awesome" and I'll be all "I know, right?"

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  1. John Morton says:

    Oh, they have albums now. Now to figure out where to buy them :-/

    • nightbird says:

      Did you try a web search? It's not as if the band's name is a common word.

      Or maybe you'd like to type in the band in the iTunes store? Or Amazon's MP3 store?

      • John Morton says:

        Simply web searching for 'heartsrevolution mp3' (and not, eg, FLAC, because I don't think I'll get that lucky) reveals a number of pirate sites, and notice of several more striped from the search. So that's not a great start.

        The iTunes music store refuses to do business with pixel stained digital peasants who roll up in their web browsers expecting to transact some commerce, and as I refuse to install The Worst Software Apple Has Ever Written on any machine I run, and would have to run it via Wine or a virtual running Windows in any case, they get none of my money.

        The Big River is usually less particular, right up until I actually try and buy something, wherein they will inform me that they can't sell that music to scum on my IP address range because some local commercial oligarchy has the rights sown up. However, I just try to test that past observation only to discover that they now simply return a blank page regardless of the Amazon address or web browser I use. So fuck that noise.

        My usual first stop is bleep.com, who've been selling more than just Warp Records artist for some time, but their coverage is still pretty spotty — I can get all of Autechre's back catalogue in FLAC, but I can only get the first Crystal Castles album in mp3, the third on vinyl and the second not at all. Heartsrevolution is not available. Bandcamp is my second stop; not available there either.

        So, yeah. Not so simple. I gather there's a UK site who's regional discrimination is linked to postal address rather than IP, but I haven't tried. It's not like I'm so lazy that I won't buy music if it's harder than just searching The Pirate Bay, but frankly, running iTunes under Wine or running traffic to Amazon via a proxy or committing postal fraud — or, for that matter, buying a physical object and converting the music to some useful format — is just too much bullshit to endure just to buy music. Admittedly the band isn't doing itself any favours, but the recoding industry can't be doing that badly if, nearly one and a half decades into the 21st century, they can't get basic e-commerce right.

        Is it any wonder that everyone in the South Pacific pirates the hell out of Game of Thrones, without any fucks given?

        (Fun fact: This is the field in which my Australian neighbours cultivate their fucks about piracy. Regrettably, this is the field where their politicians cultivate their fucks about racism.)