Dali Clock 2.41

Dali Clock 2.41 is out now, which only really contains some cosmetic and rotation-related changes for the iOS 7. It's in the app store now.

Except -- and this is really fun, thanks, Apple! -- I believe the current OSX build will no longer work as a screen saver on MacOS 10.6. It will work on 10.5, and 10.7+, though. That's because 10.6 was the one and only version of OSX in which ScreenSaverEngine required .saver bundles to use garbage collection, and the latest release of Xcode has dropped support for emitting GC-optional code entirely. So I can no longer compile a version that will run on 10.6.

Also apparently the new app-store submission process requires that you set the minimum iOS version to 5.1.1 or newer if you want to include a 64-bit executable at all, despite the fact that the 32-bit executable runs just fine on iOS 3. Thanks again, Apple!

Enforced obsolescence. Ain't it grand?

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4 Responses:

  1. Jon Lennox says:

    The impression I got -- and I haven't actually tested this, so feel free to ignore me -- is that the code for processing universal binaries is broken in iOS releases prior to 5.1.1, such that it chokes on MACH64 segments.

    (This implies that 5.1.1 is when Apple figured out that a 64-bit iOS architecture was coming, which if true is an interesting bit of Apple Kremlinology.)

  2. gryazi says:

    re: enforced, ignoring the actual technological reasons - it's sort of becoming almost a social good to discourage the use of Internet-connected products that are never going to receive another patch or update. Because so many people have made so many shitty products and failed to keep them patched/updated.

    If anyone other than Apple with its moderate clue about walled-gardening were running the "I just want a phone" half of the smartphone market, would society have already collapsed? Out in the actual world of users, the Android side of the fence seems to be simultaneously enamored with the new and with trusting stuff published by middle school students, and carriers are also totally okay if Bob Q. Cluelessconsumer wants to buy that last 2.x-from-2009 handset off the shelf. So... nobody ever got fired^H^H^H^H^Han angry call about how their sexts are being held for ransom on Facebook by someone pretending to be Nigerian for suggesting Apple.

    [I'm just having this uniquely broken experience myself, where I finally got myself a tablet... mostly for porn and Netflix... and while iOS gives me some of that kid's-toy vibe, Android gives me the "Uhh, guys, you forgot to at least make sysadmin'ing this fun" vibe with all the privacy-invasion whack-a-mole. How does anyone entrust Actual Work to anything designed after 2005 if their Actual Work involves more than Being Awesome On Twitter?]

    I can tell I'm in the wrong industry because my Actual Work demands more than being awesome on Twitter.

  3. Dan says:

    The list of apps I can no longer run on my older iPad just continues to grow, as developers (and Apple) don't take the effort to make sure they can still target older iOS versions. I even had one game refuse to launch because my iPad doesn't have an accelerometer...even though the game doesn't use an accelerometer.

    My favorite is the DirecTV app. It wouldn't start up and talk to the DirecTV servers anymore because they needed a newer version protocol, but they didn't release a version that supports that protocol for iOS 5.1.1. So it went from one day working perfectly, to the next not working at all, forever.

  4. Darby says:

    Whoa. We'll need Tim Cook right now.