8.6 of 2.5 MB

Well played, Apple. Well played.

I let it run for a while and it actually got up to "33 of 2.5 MB" before I gave up. It did the same thing after killing and restarting Mail.

The raw message was, in fact, 2.5 MB (for a 1.9 MB JPEG).

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  1. Nathan Roberts says:

    I remember one ISP I used to have (crl.com, now defunct) that, sometimes when I checked my mail, the one message that was in my inbox would somehow duplicate itself. As in, duplicate itself thousands of times. The more I tried to download and delete them, the more they duplicated themselves, sorcerer's apprentice style. I finally would have to log into my shell and delete them.

    I reported it to their support department. They blamed my mail client. As if there was any possible input to a POP server that would make 'hydra mode' be considered sane behavior.

  2. For what it's worth, base64-encoding something expands its byte count by a factor of about 1.37 (scroll down to "MIME"). Your 2.5MB download for a 1.9MB JPEG--an expansion by about 1.32x--matches that pretty closely. It's not an excuse for Apple, but it is an explanation. It's a handy factoid to keep in mind if you've got a mail server rejecting large attachments and need to increase the limit.

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