DNA Lounge: Wherein we're hiding it for your own good.

Next Thursday's performance of Terminator Too: Judgement Play is almost sold out! Get your tickets now...

So here's a weird little ritual we've found we need to go through: when we have a show in Above DNA, even if there's nothing going on in the big room, we can't let our staff ever go through the connecting door during load-in and sound-check, even though that would make things like stocking the bars and re-filling the ice wells easier. They have to go down and around.

This is because we've found that we need to basically hide the fact that the big room exists from most bands who are playing up there. That's the 250-capacity room, and if they get a look at the fact that we have an 800-capacity room, they tend to say, "Aw, man, what are you putting us in here for! That's bullshit!" and then they're cranky and hard to deal with all day.

As alegedly-professional performers, they should know better: they should realize that they're only going to get 50 people, and 50 people in the big room would be throwing a hot dog down a hallway. But they don't typically like to think of themselves as bands who only get 50 people, so we can't say to them, "Dude, you can play in that room when you're more popular", or they'd just be even crankier.

So we keep the doors closed and hope they don't notice it's there. So silly.

Hey look, photos:

God Module
Scarlett Fever
Pow Pow Pow
Eyes Set To Kill
Death Guild 21st Anniversary

Oh snap.

The last three things in my twit feed:

@textfiles You know what Facebook doesn't do? Make amazing technology do anything but anger-hump your semi-private information. Forever.
@warrenellis Cut to: Oculus Rift offices: "We glued an iPad to a diving mask and BOOM two billion dollars. THAT's our fucking TED Talk."
@Chris_Randall "Take this astonishing quiz to find out which immersive environment you are!!!"

We're done here.

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Bone Machine

Monika Horcicova


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Soft robot just wants to cuddle


The new quadruped, called the Glaucus, walks using only two input lines. It has hollow interior chambers that interdigitate with one another. When either of these chambers is pressurized it deforms and bends the structure of the robot. This bending produces the walking motion. It is similar to how a salamander walks, by balancing itself on one pair of legs diagonal from one another while moving the opposite pair forward.

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Crabster CR200

Crabster CR200 onland walking without skin:

The world's largest and deepest underwater-walking robot, the 1,400-pound Crabster CR200, was designed to scuttle along the seafloor like a monstrous crustacean. Its possible vocations include scientific explorer, commercial surveyor, and treasure hunter. In fast currents too dangerous for scuba divers, it steadies itself on six legs by putting its head down, raising its rear, and facing the flow head-on. It has 11 cameras, including an acoustic one to see through cloudy, turbulent waters. Engineers at the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology held Crabster's first underwater trial last summer. This spring, they plan to test it at maximum depth (656 feet) and then head to the Yellow Sea to help archaeologists excavate 12th-century shipwrecks.

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Accidentally Turing-Complete

Some things were not supposed to be Turing-complete. This is a collection of such accidents.

Pokemon Yellow: The interesting point about this speedrun is the bug it exploits. Turns out the game logic itself is Turing-complete in the sense that you can rewrite the assembly itself with game actions. For example, someone turned the game into a MIDI player.

MediaWiki Templates: In MediaWiki you can define templates. Since they provide recursion, you can apparently implement lambda calculus.

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"It's 640 x 480. That's what God said. VGA."

The 64-Bit Temple Operating System

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