Anachronism Proxy

Web Rendering Proxy

WRP is a HTTP proxy service that renders web pages in to GIF images associated with a clickable imagemap of the original web links. It allows to use historical and obsolete web browsers on the modern web.

See also my http10proxy.

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Dali Clock 2.41

Dali Clock 2.41 is out now, which only really contains some cosmetic and rotation-related changes for the iOS 7. It's in the app store now.

Except -- and this is really fun, thanks, Apple! -- I believe the current OSX build will no longer work as a screen saver on MacOS 10.6. It will work on 10.5, and 10.7+, though. That's because 10.6 was the one and only version of OSX in which ScreenSaverEngine required .saver bundles to use garbage collection, and the latest release of Xcode has dropped support for emitting GC-optional code entirely. So I can no longer compile a version that will run on 10.6.

Also apparently the new app-store submission process requires that you set the minimum iOS version to 5.1.1 or newer if you want to include a 64-bit executable at all, despite the fact that the 32-bit executable runs just fine on iOS 3. Thanks again, Apple!

Enforced obsolescence. Ain't it grand?

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