I am literally the last person in the world to ever try and convert from CVS to git.

There are three different tools that allege to do it. They all suck. I have been editing RCS files by hand, with a paper clip and a nine volt battery. Oh, the indignity.

<jwz:~/www/> git whatchanged index.html | tail -8

commit a18bb7a908d0dbe49d9fe383d4d2430199aa0880
Author: Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>
Date: Thu Oct 13 19:10:38 1994 -0700

    Initial revision

:000000 100644 0000000... c28db08... A index.html

"Look, Ben! All of man's past glory -- in one large SAND PIT!"


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8.6 of 2.5 MB

Well played, Apple. Well played.

I let it run for a while and it actually got up to "33 of 2.5 MB" before I gave up. It did the same thing after killing and restarting Mail.

The raw message was, in fact, 2.5 MB (for a 1.9 MB JPEG).

Previously, previously.

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