DNA Lounge: Wherein shit's on fire.

Last night, someone set a trash can on fire in the men's restroom, then a few minutes later, set a second trash can on fire in the women's restroom.

Thank you, thoughtful Trap & Bass customer. Your antics are hilarious, and I'll bet your mom's real proud of you.


Mark your calendars

I've got almost no shows this month, except for the SXSW deathmarch.
Upcoming events of note:

Sat, Mar 01:   Trapeze @ Rickshaw Stop
Fri, Mar 07:   Point Break Live: Early, Late @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Mar 11:   Odd Salon: Rogue @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Mar 14:   Mortified @ DNA Lounge
Wed, Mar 19:   Go Chic @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Mar 23:   K.Flay @ Bottom of the Hill
Tue, Mar 25:   Odd Salon: Fake @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Apr 03:   Terminator Too: Judgement Play @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Apr 08:   Dum Dum Girls @ Independent

What have you got?

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"RSVP by being self-conscious about your fedora!"

@SXSWPartyzzzzz says:

  • Snoop Lion's creperie sponsored by Target and Morgan Stanley will be constructed in a hot air balloon circling the UT Tower!!! RT to RSVP!
  • Bon Iver will be crying while discussing the majesty of breakfast tacos during Tumblr's Feelings Showcase! RSVP by spitting on an iPhone 4!
  • A support group for unverified Twitter users will be held at Maggie Mae's! Please attend, you're still technically a human being! #SXSW
  • #SXSW party tip: The only cover charge is your soul
  • .@thefader SCHED: 1 PM - John Mayer insult comedy tour 2:30 PM - Bassist from The Strokes tries cello for 1st time 5 PM -New Apple ringtones
  • #SXSW party tip: RSVPing is much more fulfilling than attending
  • #SXSW party tip: Your dignity is worth about one and a half free beers and a koozie
  • Imagine Dragons and Adam Sandler will be hosting a benefit concert to promote the Kickstarter for Enron 2!! RSVP by like, needing brunch!!
  • #SXSW party tip: The person you're talking to definitely wants to hear more about bitcoin. Just keep talking about bitcoin.
  • BREAKING: Kanye West is going to be sticking it to the patriarchy at Wal-Mart's Goldman Sachs party brought to you by Oil!
  • Mark Zuckerberg will be shooting a money cannon at whoever 3D prints a Facebook user! RSVP by googling whether it's OK to like Macklemore!
  • Coke is paying Zooey Deschanel and Lana Del Rey to look bored while playing recorders by Town Lake! RSVP by caring so much about not caring!
  • Tinder is throwing a shallow pool party at Zilker Park! RSVP by referring to yourself as Time's 2006 Person of the Year in your Twitter bio!
  • She & Him are staring inquisitively at the "Hi How Are You" Frog mural for the next 9 hours! RSVP by being self-conscious about your fedora!
  • Ke$ha is giving a TED Talk from a moving limousine entitled "Hydrofracking of the Mind"! RSVP by vajazzling a buddy! #SXSW
  • Gary Busey will give a lecture titled "The Peanut Butter Monsters Want To Kidnap Me!" in the 2nd floor bathroom of LBJ library, 3rd stall

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Nuke the site from orbit.

Heart of Blandness: A Walking Tour of Silicon Valley

We all know Silicon Valley, whether we want to or not. It's where the carefully cultivated children of privilege go to make immense amounts of money -- not so much by selling goods and services to regular people, for a profit, but by selling companies to other Silicon Valley companies. It's a Ponzi scheme that nobody there really complains about, because everyone is pretty wealthy at the start. Failure in "the Valley" usually means a buyout, or exile as a consultant or freelancer, still providing a standard of living far beyond what 90 percent of Americans will ever enjoy.

Silicon Valley is also marketed as The Future of Humanity.

But as a human landscape, it's a crushingly boring sunny suburban slab of freeways, fast food, traffic, and long smoggy boulevards of faded retail sprawling out to endless housing developments of sand-colored stucco boxes. It's Phoenix with milder weather, Orlando minus the mosquitos.

Tech-loving travelers come from around the world to see Silicon Valley, but there's nothing to see -- no Times Square, no French Quarter, just low-rise office parks and security guards circling the parking lots. Could anything be gained by walking from corporate landmark to corporate landmark? Maybe not, but two days of walking always beats two days of looking at a computer, even if I'd be walking from technology company to technology company. [...]

Take a tour of Wall Street and you'll find dozens of fancy restaurants where you can order a steak and a martini and listen to traders bitch about their bosses and their wives. Silicon Valley doesn't encourage lunches "off campus," so every big tech company has a master chef overseeing a menu of delicious and fresh food. The employees have no reason to leave -- gyms, coffee, even haircuts and routine car maintenance can be handled without leaving the mothership.

This makes the employees entirely dependent on the company for every aspect of life. And it ensures that the surrounding neighborhoods are completely starved of people and decent places to eat. The restaurant closest to Apple's world famous headquarters at One Infinite Loop is some dubious Marie Calendar's-style mall diner called "BJ's." Within a few blocks, it's all liquor stores and check-cashing joints and freeway overpasses.

The Facebook office park is surrounded by marshland, at the edge of the unfashionably rundown East Palo Alto, but again the campus is so insulated from whatever's around that it hardly matters. You drive in, you park, you leave when it's time to sleep. Across the giant boulevard is a construction site -- the new Facebook campus, a self-contained rectangle that might as well be on an island -- and a mini-mall with a taco stand, a nail parlor and a Jack in the Box.

This is one of many times when I realize that walking the entirety of Silicon Valley is not illuminating at all. Nobody at Facebook walks this rotten road with its mile-long run-down apartment complexes and the Comcast bill collector leaving shutoff notices on the doors. Nobody at Facebook cares about East Palo Alto's terrible murder rate. Besides, that will all be fixed in a few years, when these last "bad neighborhoods" are recolonized and rehabilitated by the pioneering young couples making ends meet on combined annual salaries of $250,000.

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