Thank you Facebook, may I have another

So Facebook has developed this awesome new bug in the last couple of days where when you post to to make a new post, 90% of the time it returns "500: An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later" -- but then it goes and posts it anyway.

It takes a real gift to handle errors so incompetently.

If you've noticed the same thing being re-posted to the dnalounge and dnapizza pages every five minutes, that's why.

Deleting the duplicates by hand is, as you may expect, exactly how I enjoy spending my evening.

This, combined with having only just realized that some Twitter API change that happened on Jan 14 turned out to be the final nail in the coffin of the "Simple Twitter Connect" WordPress plugin, which caused my blog posts here to have silently failed to be mirrored to Twitter or FB for three weeks before I noticed, has made this a great last couple of evenings.

If your web site requires me to register an "application" to get my own words into or out of it, I would like to register my boot with your groin.

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11 Responses:

  1. phuzz says:

    I had to get a twitter account, just to get RSS feeds out. I'm sure that's what twitter wanted, people setting up read-only accounts, right?
    It does also show which companies are desperate enough to follow an account that has never posted.

  2. Nick Charalambides says:

    Especially love the fact that to complete app registration with FB you HAVE to give them a cell phone number. Figured 'screw that', why bother with the middle man, and just left a voice mail with the NSA.

    • jwz says:

      I don't think that used to be the case. I never would have consented to that. Maybe it's only true of some kinds of "apps"?

      Though I assume that if you have ever run the FB app on your phone, they've exfiltrated your phone number by now anyway.

      • Nick Charalambides says:

        Not phone app - WP plugin; doing a CMS site for our school's annual charity do and wanted to auto-post to the corresponding FB page. But all plugins worth a damn (the ones that work) need to go through the FB registration bs, which includes the phone nonsense...

      • Otto says:

        No, he meant the "developer app" thing. I think you and me possibly signed up there before they started requiring a cell phone number or credit card number, for "human" verification on app creation. But they definitely do require it now.

    • Jens Kilian says:

      You could always given them this one.

      (Callers get a smarmy automatic recording telling them that you object to phone advertising. Unfortunately, like the website it's only available in German.)

      • Eli the Bearded says:

        Last fall I needed a new Yahoo account to join a Yahoo groups list. Besides requiring a phone number, it sends a message to that phone number to confirm you have access. Why do you think FB doesn't do the same thing? After confirmation, I was immediately able to delete the phone number from the account profile.

        • Big says:

          And I'm 100% sure Yahoo has your best interests in mind, and completely removed all record of that phone number from your personally identifying data… Or something…

        • Boldra says:

          I wouldn't worry, it's not like the first Google result for "Eli the Bearded" is anything incriminating.

          • Eli the Bearded says:

            The stuff I know the Secret Cervix has on my file is more embarassing. (Although I am curious if they left the polaroids in 7 WTC, which was the office I was at.) My point was the Jens Kilian idea of a fake number is not likely to be useful.