I was waiting in line for the restroom at the Edwardian Ball, wearing a tux, a tophat and a fake moustache, behind several other people also wearing tuxes, tophats and fake moustaches. The door on the restroom said GENTLEMEN, and I thought, "This might be the first time that that sign was actually true."

The door opened and the next person went in. He exclaimed, "Dude, are there motherfucking snacks in here??" The bathroom attendant replied, "Fuck yeah there are motherfucking snacks in here!"

And I realized that I was mistaken.

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7 Responses:

  1. Elusis says:

    Geez, the Ladies' didn't have motherfucking snacks.

  2. Perhaps it was a matter of terminology:

    “Eating? In the restroom?”
    “Apparently so. It appears we’ve finally achieved the status of ‘landed gentry’.”

  3. Steve Allen says:

    sic transit gloria viri

  4. Travis says:

    So I guess nobody told these gentlemen not to shit where they eat?

  5. Kyzer says:

    Good gentle folk getting all up in your areas? It sounds like something by Kate Beaton.

  6. Saying "my good man" and "sir" would have saved the situation. But, alas, buying a chapeau claque on eBay does not make a garden variety hipster remember these fine details of Edwardian decorum.

  7. I guess he couldn't find the Louts' room.

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