Fish on Wheels

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  1. solarbird says:

                                                       Hey, Goldie - goin' my way?

  2. relaxing says:

    Pretty sure the fish is just trying to get the hell out of that continuously shaking pool of water. Rather cruel in reality.

    • James says:

      Fish feel the same way about rivers as rabbits feel about briar patches. The fish in the video is unlikely to have elevated stress levels for long. Your disregard for robot rights, saying nothing about the plight of the motors being splashed on like that, while calling stimulation of an adaptive protoplasm organism cruel shows your organic cisborg prejudice. If you wish to live in peace with robotkind, you have to give them a chance to obey the Three Laws or else they will shock you with their wet battery terminals.

  3. Surely the phrase "the fish controls the car by swimming in a specific direction" is just completely incorrect on a number of different levels?

    • How? All they probably did is split the surface in 9, and then depending on which nonant the fish is in, make the tank go in that direction. Fairly simply. They achieve turns by stopping the wheels on the side they want the tank to turn, while the opposite wheels keep driving, tank track style.*

      *: fish tank moves according to assault tank principles! Next up: secondary fish controls the turret.

  4. David Konerding says:

    I smell a screensaver in the works. Start with Atlantis, but instead of rendering it as a scene, render it as a volumetric cube with full water physics yadda. Make the "fish" an autonomous agent and move the cube based on the momentum of the fish.

  5. Jeff Warnica says:

    Two fish are in a tank; one says to the other,

    "Do you know how to drive this?"


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