Exterminate All Rational Testaments.

All work and no play makes King James a dull boy.

This is the "Well-Sorted Version", a Bible containing the complete text of the King James Version, alphabetized.

I wrote a program to read through the Bible and extract each letter in turn, preserving the order of lowercase and capital letters. The program then poured those sorted letters back into all the structure of books, chapters, verses, paragraphs, and words. [...]

Without the distraction of recognizable words, the structure of the Bible is laid bare. Books vary greatly in length and structure; from the dense early Old Testament, carrying through the brief Apocrypha, to the poetry of the New Testament.

The cover is leather with a hot foil stamped title. The pages are acid and lignen free so they won't yellow, and cleat sewn into the spine rather than glued. In short, the book is of archival quality. If stored in a consistently cool, dark, fairly dry place it should last a few dozen centuries.

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11 Responses:

  1. Tom says:

    I can see how this would be hard to proofread, but the spine is missing the lower-case h. Glad to know most of my typos won't last a few dozen centuries.

  2. Jens Kilian says:

    I think Iain M. Banks had a race of aliens who destroyed an enemy's cultural heritage by doing this.

    • thedaniel says:

      Yep - that's in The Player of Games - the character had reached an agreement with the defeated enemy not to destroy one word of the library, but had to come up with a creative way to obey his leader's command to wipe it out.

  3. Mariachi says:

    The APOCRYPHA?! Heathen heretics!

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