I was waiting in line for the restroom at the Edwardian Ball, wearing a tux, a tophat and a fake moustache, behind several other people also wearing tuxes, tophats and fake moustaches. The door on the restroom said GENTLEMEN, and I thought, "This might be the first time that that sign was actually true."

The door opened and the next person went in. He exclaimed, "Dude, are there motherfucking snacks in here??" The bathroom attendant replied, "Fuck yeah there are motherfucking snacks in here!"

And I realized that I was mistaken.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein its February, or something.

Here are a few of our upcoming events that you should be excited about:

Tue Feb 11
Thu Feb 13
Fri Feb 14
Thu Feb 27
Thu Apr 3

Odd Salon is the new version of last year's Atlas Obscura lecture series. There's been an organizational change, but it's the same basic format. It's tonight! (Along with / following Tap Turnover in DNA Pizza, part of SF Beer Week.)

The Limousines are great, and that show is likely to sell out, so get your tickets early! It's a part of the Noisepop festival.

I saw Go Chic at SXSW a few years ago, and they're really fun! Electro-pop from Taiwan.

And finally, we've just announced Terminator Too: Judgement Play, from the maniacs behind Point Break Live! It's the same principle: audience members get to audition for the Arnold role. Very effects. Such budget. Many squirt gun. Wow.

Some recent photo galleries:

Bootie: Earworm
Cip & Okan's Wedding
So Stoked
Bootie: 80s vs. 90s
Mt. Hammer
Love on Wheels
Point Break Live

The Love on Wheels thing was a fundraiser for the SF Bike Coalition. It was really cute! I was also impressed that they managed to load out their set and all of their props and merch on a couple of bike trailers. I guess in hindsight they are morally obliged to do it that way, but it was still impressive. Also it was raining. Check out all those bikes! The other side of the street was completely full of them too.

I think Cip & Okan's Wedding was our fifth wedding here? If my records are right, that brings us to five actual weddings, plus five wedding receptions. It was our first gay wedding, though. And definitely our first gay metal wedding.

Also, mixtape 137 is out.


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