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Upcoming events of note:

Thu, Feb 06:   Moulinex @ Rickshaw
Fri, Feb 07:   Point Break Live: Early Show, Late Show @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Feb 07:   Obscura Society SF: Dark Valentine's Cocktails @ The Armory
Sat, Feb 08:   Poolside @ Mezzanine
Sun, Feb 09:   Delorean @ Independent
Tue, Feb 11:   Tap Turnover: SF Beer Week: Speakeasy @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Feb 11:   Odd Salon: Enlightenment @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Feb 11:   Kid Congo Powers / Wax Idols / Dancer @ Slim's
Thu, Feb 13:   Mortified: Doomed Valentine's Show @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Feb 21:   Ringo Deathstarr @ Hotel Utah
Fri, Feb 21:   Berlin @ Bimbo's
Fri, Feb 21:   Turbo Drive @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Feb 23+24:   B Sides: Infosec (Un)Conference @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Feb 25:   Odd Salon: Failure @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Feb 27:   The Limousines @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Feb 27:   Broods, Astr @ Rickshaw Stop
Wed, Mar 19:   Go Chic @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Mar 23:   K.Flay @ Bottom of the Hill
Thu, Apr 03:   Terminator Too: Judgement Play @ DNA Lounge

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Just Ella

"Just Ella" posits a future overrun by gibbering monstrosities.

Ella takes refuge in "the Ossington Safehouse, a collectively-run space dedicated to human sovereignty." But despite doing the assigned tasks on the chore list, the Safehouse isn't safe -- the terrors outside are nothing compared to those within.

Contains perhaps the first cinematic example of autocomplete used for a dramatic reveal.

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Carpal Tunnel Skylight

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Light painting aboard ISS

Koichi Wakata


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Hell Freezes Over: Cop fired for harassing photographer

Sheriff Fires Cop Who Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Photos of Cops

King County deputy Patrick "K.C." Saulet has been fired for threatening to arrest me last summer, when I was photographing several officers on a downtown street corner, and then lying to investigators about the incident, says King County sheriff John Urquhart.

The termination is effective today.

"You have a constitutional right to photograph the police," Sheriff Urquhart asserted in a phone interview with me today. Threatening to arrest a citizen for legally taking photos of cops while on public property, he added, "is a constitutional violation, as far as I am concerned."

Previously, previously, previously, previously, previously.

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The NSA Has All Your Selfies

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