Every Cocktail Bar Menu Ever

"Trust us, it's whimsical as shit."

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6 Responses:

  1. So many band names....

  2. That menu needs less contrast, so undesireable old people can't read it in the dark.

  3. Amber Steele says:

    SO GOOD. I'll have the "Drink Me, Baby, One More Lime". It reminds me of having the bartender at Death Guild make me a drink that was super strong and so sour that it made your face pucker every time you drank it. I shared it with all of my friends, and they loved it, leading to many orders of the drink. Much to the bartender's displeasure, I had named it "The Fuck Tart."

  4. Jay Sittler says:

    Wasn't this part of the inspiration when we wrote the cocktail menu at DNA Pizza?

  5. MattF says:

    Also, Rosé Wine Cooler, derived from the famous rosé grape vineyards of Nappa Valley.

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