SOMA Nature Walk, Time Lapse Edition


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  1. Laura Rubin says:

    Am I a huge nerd for wanting to sit behind the blades and look up at the passing layers of dirt and sand and rock before they put the tunnel reinforcements up?

  2. Unrelated, thought you'd appreciate:

    "In a video analogue of Alvin Lucier's I Am Sitting in a Room, this YouTube video is uploaded and then downloaded 1000 consecutive times until the image becomes all artifacts."

    • Adolf Osborne says:


      My own feelings are that from 200 passes on up, I am reminded of the speech of the Old Ones. It is plain to me that MPEG-4 has been reduced the speech to the very essence of bipedal speech patterns, and that nothing more is really important for communication.

      These guttural, oddly-nasal utterances are the very basis by which we, humans, communicate, and I am humbled to recognize that we are able to de-evolve ourselves to such great stature and endless grace with the help of nothing but Youtube.

      Thank you for presenting this here. It will serve well for future generations.

  3. Jason says:

    While we have had some substantial construction projects, I concede that our our time-lapse web cameras never capture anything this cool. They probably never will, either. Such is life.

  4. Pavel Lishin says:

    More like tunnel EXCITING machine - I want to see more.

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