DNA Logo, Gifpop

I used Gifpop to print a lenticular 10-frame animation of the DNA Lounge logo. It's neat but it came out pretty blurry...

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Lol My Thesis

Summing up years of work in one sentence.

Pretty much all of these are amazing.

Shooting people makes them unhappy.
International Security, Tufts

Female condoms are cool. Also, Foucault.
Anthropology, Brown

We dug a lot of holes and still don't know if measuring beryllium in dirt is useful, but it does cost a lot of money.
Geology, Amherst College

Looking for a reason to give up on humanity? Study climate change. That shit isn't changing back.
Environmental Studies, New York University

A mathematical theory of discarding irrelevant crap when making a team decision.
Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Went fishing for proteins associated with cancer... still fishing.
Chemistry and Chemical Biology, University of Melbourne

The way fire risk at nuclear plants is assessed is bad and we should feel bad. Also, someone please pay me to fix it.
Reliability Engineering, University of Maryland

You can turn Mill into an anarchist if you really try.
Philosophy, University of Minnesota

Wild chimpanzees drink when they are thirsty
Biology, University of Neuchâtel

Wild chimpanzees may or may not eat honey
Biology, University of Eastern Finland

When a space rock goes in front of a star, you can't see the star again until the rock moves.
Astrophysics, Williams College

I Know It Makes More Sense To Relate Contemporary Appropriation to Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel but I'm Going to Make My Life Much Harder and Relate It to Nude Descending A Staircase
Art History, CUNY

Moby Dick is the hero of 'Moby Dick.'
English, Northwestern

Vortex currents off a wing have weird effects on other wings AKA apparently helicopters shouldn't work.
Mechanical Engineering, Colorado State

Soon enough, we'll all be wearing smocks.
Fashion Design and Management, Parsons The New School for Design

Your Favorite Color is Your Favorite Color Because You Like Things That Are Of That Color
Psychology, Princeton University

Your burial typology is bad, and you should feel bad.
Anthropology, University of Mississippi

Rich douches use Super PACS to buy elections so screw voting, there's no point.
Political Science, University of California, Berkeley.

Art sucks, it doesn't work
Art History, Florida State University

The freezer was too cold and fucked up my sample DNA, so here is 20 pages of literature review.
Biology, Stanford University

Male friends in Shakespeare were actually sex-radical feminists, but only if you're horny.
English, University of Pennsylvania

My code doesn't work. I have no idea why... My code works. I have no idea why.
Computer Science, McGill University

Emily Dickinson wrote about the clitoris a lot, and maybe S&M people fail to pick up on this because she mostly narrates it through birds.
English, Fordham

Coding is just really intelligent copy-paste.
Computer Science, Illinois

We told the DoD they could put guns on it so they gave us money to build this robot.
Mechanical Engineering, Harvard

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Safari and proxies

Anyone have any idea what Safari 7.0.1 fucked up in its proxy implementation, or what I can do to work around it?

I use Privoxy for ad-blocking, and since upgrading to OSX 10.9, Safari seems to fail to connect to the proxy server 10% or 15% of the time, giving me broken images and whatnot. I believe it's not a problem with Privoxy itself -- I've tested that under load. It seems like Safari itself just sometimes decides to throw up a "proxy not responding" error before even attempting to connect to the proxy server. Not a timeout, it's fast.

I'm open to switching to a different ad blocker, but "Adblock Plus" doesn't exist for Safari, and the other one, confusingly and possibly sleazily called just "Adblock", doesn't block Youtube video ads, so that's a non-starter.

No, I don't want to switch to Firefox, Opera or Chrome.

Update: I figured it out! Turns out I hadn't merged the privoxy config file in a while and there were some new entries that needed to be set because the defaults make it fail, particularly, the problem goes away when I am no longer missing the default entry keep-alive-timeout 5.

Not entirely clear why this problem manifested itself with Safari and not Firefox, but this seems to fix it.

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Caution: Swing.

Jazz can also be dangerous, I hear.

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Jello shots: your new hologram substrate.

3d printer that prints figures in jello shots:

Soooooo... with all these shortcuts, only 2K of memory to go around and mechanics hacked up out of old CDROMs and bits of wood, does it work? Well, it mostly does. It took some fiddling with the 'ink' to get a consistency that doesn't 'run' into the rift the needle creates. I eventually got good effects with a mix of banana liquor, food colouring and some corn starch. I put it in the microwave for a small while to get the corn starch to turn everything into something that's more like a gel than a liquid. With that, I had something I could make nice lines with.

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Wonder Woman's Problematic Breasts

It's been said that you're too skinny for the part. Wonder Woman is large-breasted, is that going to change?

Hmm. I represent the Wonder Woman of the new world. Breasts... anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine. By the way, Wonder Woman is amazonian, and historically accurate amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I'd really go "by the book"...it'd be problematic.

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Santa Down

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Oh Fuck These Lighthouses 2014 Calendar

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The brain's visual data-compression algorithm

Your vision stack has a keyframe interval!

When the primary visual cortex processes sequences of complete images and images with missing elements -- here vertical contours -- it "subtracts" the images from each other (the brain computes the differences between the images). Under certain circumstances, the neurons forward these image differences (bottom) rather than the entire image information (upper left). [...]

"We have now demonstrated that the visual cortex suppresses redundant information and saves energy by frequently forwarding image differences," similar to methods used for video data compression in communication technology. The study was published in Cerebral Cortex. [...]

If these individual images were presented at 33Hz (30 milliseconds per image), the neurons represented complete image information. But at 10Hz (100 milliseconds), the neurons represented only those elements that were new or missing, that is, image differences.


Today in Torture Phallus news:

These Sea Slugs Penetrate Each Other In The Head During Sex:

Every individual is a hermaphrodite with both male and female genitals. When they have sex, they can simultaneously penetrate each other, with penises that extend to their whole body length. "They are relatively well-endowed, says Lange.

The penises are also forked. One branch ends in a cone-shaped structure called the penile bulb, which is ringed by small spines. It goes inside the partner's female genital opening, and delivers sperm. The other branch ends in a fiendish spine called the penile stylet. It stabs straight into the partner's forehead, and pumps fluid from the prostate gland. So, during sex, each slug gets a dose of sperm in the usual place, and an injection of prostate fluid just above its eyes. This goes on for just over 40 minutes.

"You may imagine I was quite excited and surprised to find out they reciprocally injected into their partners' head!" says Lange.

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