The brain's visual data-compression algorithm

Your vision stack has a keyframe interval!

When the primary visual cortex processes sequences of complete images and images with missing elements -- here vertical contours -- it "subtracts" the images from each other (the brain computes the differences between the images). Under certain circumstances, the neurons forward these image differences (bottom) rather than the entire image information (upper left). [...]

"We have now demonstrated that the visual cortex suppresses redundant information and saves energy by frequently forwarding image differences," similar to methods used for video data compression in communication technology. The study was published in Cerebral Cortex. [...]

If these individual images were presented at 33Hz (30 milliseconds per image), the neurons represented complete image information. But at 10Hz (100 milliseconds), the neurons represented only those elements that were new or missing, that is, image differences.


Today in Torture Phallus news:

These Sea Slugs Penetrate Each Other In The Head During Sex:

Every individual is a hermaphrodite with both male and female genitals. When they have sex, they can simultaneously penetrate each other, with penises that extend to their whole body length. "They are relatively well-endowed, says Lange.

The penises are also forked. One branch ends in a cone-shaped structure called the penile bulb, which is ringed by small spines. It goes inside the partner's female genital opening, and delivers sperm. The other branch ends in a fiendish spine called the penile stylet. It stabs straight into the partner's forehead, and pumps fluid from the prostate gland. So, during sex, each slug gets a dose of sperm in the usual place, and an injection of prostate fluid just above its eyes. This goes on for just over 40 minutes.

"You may imagine I was quite excited and surprised to find out they reciprocally injected into their partners' head!" says Lange.

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These kids are clearly up to no good.

Simon Stålenhag:

"Since the 1950s, the government has been running a huge particle collider and research facility a couple of miles outside of Stockholm. The facility is located underground and features a lot of experimental technology. All through the '50s, '60s, and '70s, everything goes splendidly, but just like with the Swedish welfare state during that time, the system starts to erode. And bad things follow. The images on my website chronicle the lives of the people of that world and how they are affected by the downfall of that behemoth science project. We don't know yet how it will end." And while those hulking black structures look ominous, Stalenhag says his world is too busy crumbling to be a threat to its people: "These people live in a society once motivated by a proud technological optimism."
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Capacitor: Okeanos

I finally got around to seeing Capacitor's latest show, Okeanos, and it's fantastic. Go see it before it's gone. This is their last weekend!

Thursday and Saturday:

'Tis the season for creativity and joy! Are you getting some dancing in? Capacitor sure will be!

We're wrapped up all shiny and bright in costume and are ready for a stellar performance of Okeanos this Thursday, December 26th at 8pm. Come out and dance with us!


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The Marvel Universe Is Way Better When Ghost Rider Is a Hamster

(That much is true. The rest, not so much.)

For everyone who worried that Disney's buyout of Marvel Entertainment would lead to all of the characters being turned into funny animal versions of their usual superheroic selves, your worst fears have come true.

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Scenes from LA's growing magician problem.

12-19-12, LOS ANGELES:

New graffiti was found at LA's George Carlin High School today marking a new height in the occult graffiti epidemic that plagues the city. Said LA Police Commissioner Crowley, "They say the chalk washes away but that's not the problem here. The issue is that these sigils are made by amateur occultists who don't always know what they're doing. They mean to mark their ethereal turf but several of these alignments are capable of awakening Samael."

Samael, last seen slaughtering the first born sons of Egypt, could not be reached for comment. We at FIMJU wanted more expert testimony however so we invited the mummified head of Necromancer John Dee from its tomb in England for an interview. Said the archetypical wizard, "Where am I? Why hast thou awakened me? Oh how I long to return to the sweet embrace of death, for my every moment awake is an eternity of pain!"

Troubling words indeed.

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