XScreenSaver 5.24

XScreenSaver 5.24 out now. There are a few minor fixes, but the big change is that it now has an auto-updater. After you've installed 5.24, it will let you know when a subsequent release is available and offer to download and install it for you. (This was tricky, because screen savers are weird and there are 204 of them.)

Oh yeah, I also pushed out Dali Clock 2.40 a little while ago that does the same thing. (That one was easier.)

No iOS versions this time, because the changes weren't relevant.

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It's leaking again.

Gifpop: print your own lenticular animgifs.

We're currently printing up to ten frames on a single card. Because there is always a little ghosting on lenticular cards as you go up to high frame counts, we're currently limiting the Gifpop creation process to ten sequential frames. Gifs that are very blurry or have lots of sudden camera movements will be less clear than ones with smooth, clear motion.

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Stolen cobalt-60 found in Mexico; thieves may be doomed.

In the immortal words of J. Frank Parnell: "Oh... You don't wanna look in the trunk."

Mexico's public-health scare turned into a logistical hurdle Thursday as authorities sought to safely put a stolen load of radioactive material back into its container.

As officials worked on the material, federal police and soldiers formed a cordon of several hundred yards around the field in Hueypoxtla where a container of highly radioactive cobalt-60 was abandoned after it was stolen from truck drivers transporting it to a storage facility in central Mexico. [...]

The drivers of the cargo truck were sleeping at a gas station this week when gunmen assaulted them and stole their truck. Mexican nuclear safety officials said they believed the carjackers did not know what they were stealing and that they may die from exposure to the radioactive material.

The IAEA said in its statement that it "would probably be fatal to be close to this amount of unshielded radioactive material for a period in the range of a few minutes to an hour." It is unclear how long the material was handled by the carjackers or others who found it later.

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