"Polutant-oozing sea-coffins!"

Tugboat rises from Davy Jones' locker off Oakland

"Captain Al" was among the first to be raised in a two-month effort to clear the estuary of more than 40 abandoned crafts, many of which have become nautical obstacles and pollutant-oozing sea coffins.

The steel vessel has sat at the bottom of the estuary since at least the mid-1990s, Duncan said. Tags identifying it were apparently removed - it earned its name from a site worker.

It's not known who the owner was or why the vessel sank. However, the estuary is a popular dumping spot for unwanted craft, officials say.

"Unfortunately, the number of people abandoning their vessels around here has become almost an epidemic," Duncan said.

Two sunken boats have already been lifted from the waters and their owners tracked down, said Todd Thalhamer, operations chief for CalRecycle, the state agency tasked with removing the vessels. The owners may face fines, depending on whether they were responsible for scuttling their boats.

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