Dazzle is very in right now.

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7 Responses:

  1. I know. I can't find a band from San Francisco that has not done their freaking band photo in there.

  2. Masking tape, spray paint, a couple of the ladies... You can haz.

  3. Trista Musco says:

    want me & Devon Dossett to dazzle any of your mannequins before I move next year?

  4. Spiral Insana says:

    Oh yeah? OH YEAH?! You think DAZZLE is very in?

    Well, YOU are very in! Yeah, I said YOU'RE VERY IN RIGHT NOW! Trend-setting, taste-having motherfucker -- that's you!

    How's about that?

    Yeah, I thought so!


    Nobody Important, Expert Burner of Stupid

  5. plums says:

    Not sure if wearing Dazzle clothes would be a great idea for girls who wanted to stop guys from checking them out, or a terrible idea.