"Drowned in a sea of ASCII penises."

I often look around at the world of today and wonder what parts of it would have most surprised younger-me if he got a glimpse into the future. The supercomputer in my pocket that I mostly use as a Walkman, for an easy example.

But today a very strong contender is this non-joking use of the phrase "improved ASCII art detection".

YouTube hilariously impotent against ASCII comment pornographers:

The Google+ integration has also proven unpopular in a broader sense for a couple of reasons. The change constitutes a) meddling with a well-understood, if broken, system in the interest of creating engagement and more data affiliated with real people, thus creating more business for Google, and b) doing so using Google's social network, which sits somewhere on a spectrum between reviled and ignored. Google seems to be counting on the outcry against Google+ itself to eventually settle down. The company's response to the newly bad YouTube comments has been to finally introduce better content moderation at a high level. The update to the system will have "better recognition of bad links," according to the YouTube blog post, as well as "improved ASCII art detection" and altering the display of long comments. [...]

The Google+ integration, though, appears to be here to stay. That's despite the fact that the strongest user-based case for its use -- that accountability will prevent trolls from trolling -- has been killed, drowned in a sea of ASCII penises.

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jwzlyrics auto-updates

Hey, if you're running jwzlyrics 1.7 then I think that "Check for Updates" will now tell you that 1.8 is available. However, I also think that when you try to install it via the built-in updater, it will tell you "the update is improperly signed", because the key inside the 1.7 bundle is bogus.

So, please go download 1.8 and install that, because I think that once I release 1.9, maybe later today, the updater should work. Let me know how it goes!

(Alternately, if you're feeling adventurous: replace the jwzlyrics.app/Contents/Resources/sparkle_dsa_pub.pem file in the 1.7 bundle with the copy of that file from the 1.8 bundle, and then when you run that 1.7 app, it should be able to upgrade itself to 1.8. If you feel like trying that, I'd be curious to know if that trick works on MacOS versions 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9, since I only have 10.8.)

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