No-one knows how the police officers find their way back to the exact stadium in which they were born. Yet every year, thousands make this epic journey - battling their way up one-way streets, and through congested city centres - to the very same sporting venue in which they began their lives. They end their journeys exhausted, barely able to complete the final act for which this epic journey was made. It was here that they were born; it is here that they will spawn the next generation of law-enforcers; and it is here that they will end their lives - in the terraces of their ancestral arena, after one of the greatest migrations of the natural world.
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Let's focus on what's important here, people.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein we now webcast from Above DNA!

Well, we're exactly 13 months late, but we finally have the audio webcast up and running in Above DNA! You can listen to the archive of the Anoraak / Marrow show from last night. There's some static at the beginning from our last-minute scramble to get the cabling right, but it gets going around 9:35pm.

This means we've got two simultaneous webcasts working: both Anoraak in Above DNA and Norma Jean in the main room went out live at the same time.

There's no video in Above DNA yet. Video's a much more complicated and expensive project.



BMC labs is focused on developing biological implants that will make their hosts faster, smarter and healthier while improving sexual performance, and increasing the average life span.

It all begins when you grow your own bionanohybrid cells in our lab. After six weeks of personalizing POD's AI system, the resulting organ is ready for implantation. During that time, you teach the organism about your needs, loves and desires by engaging with stories, games and visual content.

After implantation, your experience evolves into "hands free" mode; visual and auditory experiences immerse you in fictional overlays to the real world. You stay in the driver's seat by simply activating and deactivating POD with a thought. Now able to directly build on your sympathetic nervous system's reactions to the world around you, POD's ability to inspire and fulfill you accelerates.

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