Costco Apologizes After Local Pastor Finds Bibles Labeled as 'Fiction'

LOL Religionists:

"Costco's distributor mislabeled a small percentage of the Bibles, however we take responsibility and should have caught the mistake. We are correcting this with them for future distribution," Costco said in a statement. "In addition, we are immediately relabeling all mislabeled Bibles. We greatly apologize for this error."

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Canadian Content

Moose-eating shark rescued in Newfoundland harbour

"It [the moose] had the fur and all the liner on it -- it was about two feet long, maybe." [...]

Greenland sharks are rarely seen on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. It is a lumbering bottom dweller that spends most of its long life blinded from parasites feeding on its corneas. [...]

The creature goes long periods without food, so when it comes across even a discarded carcass, such as a moose, it will gorge itself to near suffocation.

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X-Ray Cartoons

Chris Panda:

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