Today in Haunted Vagina news

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9 Responses:

  1. omg! glorious rabbit hole of previouslies!!! ... also, that look more like haunted knee cap to me. But it is pretty awesome.

  2. Rosy Rouge says:

    Thanks for sharing Zawinski.

  3. Ryan Finnie says:

    Crazy. I saw that picture and my first thought was "I know where that was taken." It's the Gaylord National Harbor in Washington D.C.; I was there two weeks ago.

    I don't recall seeing any haunted vaginas.

  4. Amazing! But also maybe Little Shop of Horrors?

  5. adam jones says:

    strangely alluring.

  6. The fact that you think it looks like a vag is telling.

  7. Lloyd says:

    I am so swooningly in love with your taste in semantically distorted photos that it's kind of giving me a tumor.

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