Retrocomputing: Boris Blank edition.

Yello Fairlight III. Signed front panel. Boris's sounds included, as well as all the libraries listed below, in 4 x hard drives.

There are four hard drives installed. Three are original, with Boris's sounds, [...] plus many libraries collected over the last 25 years 
dealing with top producers and musicians. These include libraries from: Pet 
Shop Boys, Trevor Horn, Hans Zimmer, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Art of Noise and many, many others. The complete Fairlight IIX library is also included.

See also: Peter Gabriel hitting TVs and recording The Rhythm of the Heat:

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4 Responses:

  1. Jon Hendry says:

    The $50 Fairlight app for the iPad pretty much cured me of my desire for one of those.

  2. madopal says:

    Art of Noise & Trevor Horn? I wouldn't get anything done all day. I'd just keep trying to prompt people to say exciting things and then punctuating them with orchestra hits.

    Of course, then I wouldn't hear enough orchestra hits, so I'd just make a track with nothing but orchestra hits. It would be fun until I'm completely nauseated by orchestra hits.

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