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Upcoming events of note:

Tue, Oct 01:   Atlas Obscura: Whiskey @ DNA Lounge (Tonight, 7pm)
Tue, Oct 01:   Young Galaxy, Mister Lies, Silver Swans @ Rickshaw Stop
Wed, Oct 02:   Happy Fangs @ Rickshaw Stop
Fri, Oct 04:   Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow) @ DNA Lounge
Mon, Oct 07:   Delorean @ Independent
Wed, Oct 09:   Iceage @ Rickshaw Stop
Fri, Oct 11:   Mortified @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Oct 11:   Turbo Drive @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Oct 15,  
Wed, Oct 16:  
Ms Mr @ The Independent
Fri, Oct 18:   Widowspeak @ The Chapel
Sat, Oct 19,  
Sun, Oct 20:  
Treasure Island Music Festival
Mon, Oct 21:   Passion Pit, Joy Formidable @ Fox Theater
Mon, Oct 21:   Ms Mr @ Independent
Wed, Oct 23:   Au Revoir Simone @ Slim's
Wed, Oct 23:   Oh Land @ Independent
Wed, Oct 23:   Nonono @ Rickshaw Stop
Thu, Oct 24:   Night Terrors of 1927 @ Rickshaw Stop
Thu, Oct 24:   Maria Minerva, Metal Mother @ Public Works
Fri, Oct 25:   The Naked and Famous @ Fox Theater
Fri, Oct 25:   Lebanon Hanover @ DNA Lounge
Thu, Oct 31:   All Hallow's Eve @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Nov 01:   Point Break Live (two shows) @ DNA Lounge
Fri, Nov 01:   Charlie XCX @ Slim's
Fri, Nov 01:   Definitely not a Charlie XCX DJ set @ DNA Lounge
Tue, Nov 05:   Atlas Obscura: Gin @ DNA Lounge
Sun, Nov 17:   Chvrches @ Fox
Wed, Nov 27:   Limousines @ Independent

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jwz mixtape 132

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 132.

I hope it doesn't take you more than five seconds to recognize what's going on in that Au Revoir Simone video.

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US shutdown: a guide for non-Americans.

That time Bartlett did it.


Sort of pissed that a government shutdown doesn't include a military shutdown.
Ditto prisons. If we're going to play chicken with the idea of de-funding government, let's go all the way! Open the prison gates!
And why should we have functioning borders? No more cherry picking of gov't functions. If we're going to shut down, we should do it right.
According to the Times, there's not even a military recruitment shutdown.
I wonder how long we could get away with not paying our professional soldier class.
It's not a government shutdown until we turn off an aircraft carrier.
RT @sinboy Aircraft carriers use nuclear fuel. The don't get turned off, just docked. Even then, you need someone to mind the atomics.
The apocalypse starts with an unpaid nuclear technician. I like it.
Fine, we'll just stop paying the sailors, and they can park it in the Potomac and just blare the horns all day.
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