We Know This Thing Is Not True At All But Pageviews So Question Mark?

I was blissfully unaware of the existence of "Techmeme" in the first place, but this parody account of it is universally applicable. Techmeme Heds:

  • A Post By A White Man About How White men Should Be Allowed To Write About Anything
  • 500 Words On A Deleted Tweet
  • This Startup, The Plorker Of Grillerps, Gets $6B To Be Your Fuzznuckle
  • We Reached Out To The Company For Comment About 30 Seconds Before We Published This
  • Startup Raising Another Round Serves Caviar And Gold Filigree Burritos For Lunch
  • There Hasn't Been Anything Published For An Hour So Here's This
  • Check Out This Parody Twitter Account Before It Jumps The Shark
  • Good Luck Finding The Via Link
  • Warning This Post Contains That Louie C.K. Quote About Everything Being Amazing And No-One Being Happy
  • Stats Provided By But Not Attributable To Google/Apple/Microsoft PR
  • Things That Apple Won't Do Next Week

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3 Responses:

  1. I'm particularly enjoying the whole Techcrunch etc. head-up-ass state of affairs in the startup world.

    My startup has been around for over two years and now that some of the Facetwittergrams are competing in the same space, we're the "plucky newcomer" because we didn't have offices in SOMA.

    Even Hacker News is now mostly about gossip rather than technical discussions. Give the people what they want I guess.

  2. David M.A. says:

    I think the raison d'etre of this account is Techmeme, which is purely an aggregator of articles from other websites, has decided to rewrite the headlines of some articles to make them less link-bait-y.

    I believe this account is somewhat skeptical of their motives.


  3. phuzz says:

    This Startup, The Plorker Of Grillerps, Gets $6B To Be Your Fuzznuckle

    I swear, that is nothing to do with me. Or my nuckles.