Tim Minchin's Storm the Animated Movie

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  1. Matt says:

    I find myself uttering, or wanting to utter, the following once a month:

    Do you know what they call "alternative medicine" that's been proved to work? Medicine."

  2. sam says:

    Passionately relating personal experiences about these idiots/injustices/haughties that never happened is such emblematic nerd behavior.

  3. nooj says:

    My favorite part was the proper expression of Newton's Second Law as F = d(mv)/dt.

  4. Jay Sittler says:

    I really want him to come here on tour. Really really. I've been quoting parts of this diatribe for a couple years now.

  5. deathdrone says:

    Congratulations for holding so many popular opinions you fucking sheep.

    • Ron says:

      Can you take a minute to expand on your view of the relationship between an opinion's popularity and its merit? You seem to be making a statement on that relationship but I'm not quite catching it.

      • deathdrone says:

        "Popularity" and "merit" are the same thing as far as I can tell. Both just polite words for "breeding potential."

        I wish you had asked me about "truth" instead. Poor little beast, so often ignored.

        • Ron says:

          Based on a cursory examination of the dictionary, "merit" is an objective word describing superior quality or worth, whereas "popularity" is measurement of how an aggregation of humans regard something's worth. It doesn't feel like they are the same thing to me.

          I am utterly confused as to where "breeding potential" comes into the equation--as far as I can tell one can breed with abandon as long as one is willing to actually engage with other humans in some significant way, regardless of truth or merit.

          "Truth", while it initially appears to be objective, seems to be something that everyone feels they have the right to define for themselves.

          • deathdrone says:

            Uh... sorry dude, I'm not sure we're even speaking the same language.

            My epic "evolution=god" essay will have to come another day.

            And by epic I mean objectively meritorious as derived from the axioms in principia mathematica.

            Fuck, jwz I thought these dudes were all supposed to be hackers or something…

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