This is Peter Hook rocking a melodica

This show was kind of amazing, and I must admit that I didn't expect that.

Also, if you have not read his book, "How Not To Run a Club", then get on that ASAP.

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4 Responses:

  1. Jon says:

    Is that the Movement/Power, Corruption and Lies tour? That hits my city in November, I'm looking forward to it. (Same week as Gary Numan).

    I enjoyed HNTRAC. Have you read his second book? Is it any good?

  2. I had a HNTRAC imported. It is full of awesome, and between it and JWZ's notes on DNA, it made me feel a lot better about missing my opportunity to open my own club. Still, I had full intentions of bringing the book with me and ostentatiously reading it while enjoying a slice from DNA Pizza during my last visit to the city.

    But even I couldn't be that much of a prick...

    Anyway, HNTRAC should be required reading for anyone starting a club. I don't mean just 'dance club', either. There's some makers-clubs that could really use a kick to the head, too.

  3. Ian says:

    The book is quite jaw-dropping stuff in terms of just how badly managed it all was and how lucky they were to get the good bits. If it didn't remind me so much of Boo-Hoo in terms of how many times I wanted to write 'you what?!?' in the margins, I'd think musicians were especially gullible.