The Bible as fanwank

Making Light: Victory to the People

Way back when, there was a popular show called Jesus of Nazareth. Unfortunately it was canceled by the network after just three seasons, leaving behind a small but very devoted fandom. The fandom spread. Some of the fans told and retold all the episodes of the show that they had seen. Others copied out samizdat versions of the tie-in novels. Yet others wrote original fanfic. [...]

Back to the Bible: lots of Christian fic out there. By the time you got to a copy of a copy of a retelling of a conflation it was getting hard to figure out what had been an episode of the show and what was someone's AU RPF. [...]

Constantine was a Roman emperor, and a military man. So he said, "Right. Figure it out and tell me. I'll believe anything you say, but get it all in one sock." He called NiceaCon One, and invited all the BNFs and SMOFs of the Christian world to have a business meeting and hammer it out. [...]

At the time Athanasius was best known for his blog, Athanasius Contra Mundum. (The top of every page was marked with a flashing icon labeled "Breaking!" while the bottom of each page said, "Must credit Athanasius!")

Much of what we know about Nicea comes from Eusebius of Caesarea, who live-blogged the whole thing.

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  1. silent says:

    For more backstory :

    Fun Fact : Augustine re-interpreted fan fiction and created doctrine that lead to "just wars" etc

  2. phuzz says:

    Who said the history of the bible was boring?
    Also, Middle English is easier to understand if you read it in a London accent.

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