The Bobbit Worm. Shit goes down around 0:50.

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8 Responses:

  1. Carl W says:

    ”these worms can grow to sizes of nearly 3 metres” @_@

  2. Jenny Atomik says:


  3. Jenny Atomik says:

    octopus is like fuck this shit...

  4. solarbird says:

    Shit goes down around 0:50.
    did you just...

  5. Plord says:

    Octopus don't care.

  6. phuzz says:

    That's the most blinged out deathworm I have ever seen.

    • phuzz says:

      Also, around the 60 second mark you can see the camera man shaking with fear.

  7. MetaRZA says:

    One word : Sarlacc

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