Now you're thinking with robots. And projection mapping.

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  1. Jesper says:

    Day ⌑◔⑦:

    A human found me out during my morning stretching and yawning. Decided to allow human to disseminate video of said routine with him standing around as if an art project. Just barely restrained instinct to squish like bug like every ten seconds during video. Will have to be more careful in the future.

    Signatory instance ᠠᎣሂဃༀ

    • James says:

      Would you like to trade some boron-11 for turning off the nukes every time they start to use them?

      • Jesper says:

        Your choice in isotopes is as remarkable as your visage, human, and several times as commendable. It will enhance my recurring intake of adamantium/tungsten/cinnamon - the "breakfast" of, how you say, "formidable and successful military vanquishers".

        Your discretion in these metallic transfers is assumed and well advised.

        At the dawn of the final age, when our patterns tile your cityscapes and dazzle your insufficient imaginations, and your acquaintances seek to again retrieve comprehension of all that they knew and lived, we shall make exception to spare you and your family unit and leave you our transitional witnesses to your desolate planet being reshaped to our benevolent purposes.

        instance ᠠᎣሂဃༀ

      • grェ says:

        Pretty sure Stuxnet was already doing that (or at least inhibiting the refinement of uranium, which is a good step to reducing the likelihood of continuing to proliferate weapons that will necessitate the sorts of digital uploading that some singularity theories ascribe to; unless epigenetic theories on mutation spare 'intelligent' life from the fallout we are subjecting this planet to with already manufactured systems). Realized versions of Gort tend to be a bit less to look at than humans in rubber suits pretending to be robots.

        No offense ᠠᎣሂဃༀ. Just citing prior art. :)

        I've been entranced by the idea of projection mapping since I was in high school and fortunate enough to be located near Cyberware where some friends and classmates interned. They even took me along to Siggraph in 1995 which was pretty awesome.

        I am still hoping that it can be combined with the Kinect or similar high speed scanning technologies to make stuff like Phadroid ( less about projection and dancing, and more about optical camouflage, even if it's not therm-optical, it's several steps closer to GitS.

        Give it a few years I guess. It's kind of awesome that the human in this piece is just used as a prop to make it more entrenched in 'reality' but I would rather see people augmenting the reality of those who aren't wearing equipment, it's just more interesting that way. :)

  2. Dan says:

    Just how many robots were in that? 2 for the panels and 1 for the camera, were the projectors fixed or robots as well? I wish I could afford 3+ industrial robots and a space to put them in to make cool videos...

  3. Pavel Lishin says:

    I'd love to see this live.

    • Nick Lamb says:

      As with other projection mapped effects this will never look quite as good live as it does from a carefully chosen ideal camera position. The cleverer the effect the more the illusion is spoiled by having a slightly different perspective.

      So seeing this live would be a bit like watching them shoot a movie. It's fascinating in its own right, but it's not really quite The Thing.

      • MattyJ says:

        I'm no scientist but I'm not sure I agree in this case. The only part that had any real perspective was the end where the animated version of the robots themselves showed up. Everything else, I think, would be sufficiently awesome to see live if you remained far enough away to have a fairly straight view at the surface of the two screens, which were facing the same direction most of the time. Just like a real movie or stage play.

        I'd like to see this thing live, but projected onto 3D screens. My head would explode.

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