JEROS: Jellyfish Elimination Robotic Swarm

A team of unmanned swimming robots designed to scour an area and grind up all the jellyfish they find, at a rate of 2,000 pounds an hour.

The jellyfish-eradicating bots feature two motors that move them forward and backward and rotate them 360 degrees. Users program the robots to tell them what area they want cleared and then drop the bots into the water. The JEROS have cameras to help them see where jellyfish blooms are. They also automatically calculate their own routes and motor around in formation without human help. Once they encounter jellyfish, JEROS suck the jellies up and shred them with a propeller.

Myeong's team has been working on JEROS since 2009, according to KAIST. This year, the engineers got several robots to cooperate in formation to shred jellies more efficiently.

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Syphilitic malformations of the permanent teeth

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A step-by-step guide to profiting off a 3-cent hike on US postage stamps

Phase Three: Profit

So what's stopping stamp peddlers from buying up forever stamps at $0.46 before the price hike on Jan. 26, 2014, and selling them afterwards at a profit for less than $0.49?

We hashed out a hypothetical plan to see whether forever-stamp arbitrage is worth it. [...]

The good news is that you can buy up to 1 million stamps in a single order from the USPS, and pay a mere $1.75 in shipping. [...]

If you look at that as a profit on the $4.6 million initial outlay, it's not very much: less than 1.3%. But remember, all that outlay was leveraged. So if you look at it as a return on our investment -- $33.25 for shipping -- it's 175,541%.

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