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Ghosts in Beijing

Ghosts With Shit Jobs went to the Beijing International Film Festival:


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SFBC Survey

Share Your Story About Police Handling of Bike Issues

The SFPD's terrible mishandling of the Amelie Le Moullac case has raised concerns about the way the police respond to other bike-related cases. We have heard from many members over the years that they have had troubling interactions with the police regarding bike issues, ranging from refusal to take an incident report to not fully investigating the incident to exhibiting a blatant bias against bike riders.

The City is finally looking into the police handling of bike/ped cases. Supervisor Jane Kim has called for a public hearing at the Board of Supervisors' Public Safety Committee to discuss the SF Police Department's protocol on investigating vehicle collisions involving people biking and walking. The hearing will be held October 3 at 10:00AM at City Hall.

If you have had a negative interaction with the police regarding a bike-issue, please tell us about it on this form. We're collecting stories and speakers for the October 3 hearing and for our meetings with the police to show the higher-ups that Amelie's case was not just a one-off.

Including such timeless hits as:

  • Report not taken or refused
  • Report inadequately taken
  • Police lack of understanding of bicyclist rights
  • Case not fully investigated
  • Police bias against bike riders
  • Other

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Staring at the Camera Kickstarter

Remember classified ads? They were in newspapers. The best classified ad was the one that said "SEND $1 FOR INFORMATION." That guy made a lot of money from that ad. I don't even know if he sent out any information -- I bet he didn't. But that was before the internet. He probably couldn't get away with that sort of thing now because there are no more newspapers.

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Kate Boy

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SOMA Nature Walk

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