Hot New Buzzband: Death in June

Please note: If you give money to nazis, you're an asshole. Sad fact: I'm kind of amazed at how many assholes I know.

What happens when the yolo shatters?

With a name like the Death In Junes, you'd probably expect hella tight emocore in the vein of groups like Early November or ACROSS FIVE APRILS. This assumption would be untrue. When you listen to the Swans are you like, "oh fuck, man. I really wish these songs were acoustic and even more derpy somehow"? Then THIS is your jam. But wait! You'd be extremely shortsighted to write off the Death in Junes as monotonous snoozewave. I think you'll agree with me when I tell you that their endearing, richly nuanced personal brand is worthy of popular and critical acclaim!


Innovative neofolk artists like the Death in Junes incorporate a lot of Nazi cosplay motifs into their songs and t-shirt designs. If the idea of racist folkjams immediately repulses you, you should TOTALLY chill out. 'cause they're not racist like Max Resist or Final War. They're racist in a totally provocateur trollface "2 edgy 4 u" way. I mean, the main DiJ guy is homosexual... and how are you supposed to be a NAZI and GAY? That's like petting a cat backwards!

Is DiJ goth? I don't know, dude. Go to Allmusic. In a lot of ways they're sort of like the ICP of the Reagan era. They're both steeped in controversy, spooky costumes, zany iconography, and adhere to endlessly byzantine and oblique spiritual philosophies (For Death in June: Gnosticism, for ICP: Milenko). This is a Venn Diagram with more overlap than one would think.

So needless to say, I am AMPED to see this famous indie band play LIVE at the Mezzanine. My hat goes off to the Mezz bros for having the balls not to kowtow to SF's shadowy hipster ZOG agenda (who undoubtedly have their hooks deep in all local mid-size concert venues), and allowing such a powerful platform to these uncompromising defenders of esoteric wisdom.

Death in June have come sniffing around trying to book a show at DNA several times over the years -- including this tour -- and every time, I've told them to go fuck themselves, for the obvious reasons. Oh, and also because I'm controlled by the international Zionist conspiracy.

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Gutless or corrupt? Do I have to pick just one?

What if Marissa Mayer went to jail?

"Companies typically do not yield to government interference unless they feel there is something to their advantage. Does anyone really believe that NSA would arrest FaceBook's CEO if it did not comply with a random, illegal order? Please." [...] Companies could stand up to these NSA orders and most likely beat them if they chose to.

Either these companies are, as Claude suggests, getting more from the NSA than we are presently aware of, or maybe each CEO is just hoping someone else will be the one to stand up to the bully. I prefer to think it is the latter case. And since I know a lot of CEOs and the way they tend to think, I'd put money on that being the situation.

The CEOs and their companies, then, are ether gutless or corrupt. Charming.

The NSA orders are illegal, it's not treason to reject them, and even if it were technically treason there is still a right to both due process and -- in 21st century corporate America -- to spend whatever it takes to beat the rap.


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Sacramento's Collective Indifference Just Renamed A Landmark

This morning in Sacramento, the herd of water buffalo we refer to as the "State Senate" collectively decided that the west, city-facing span of San Francisco Bay Bridge shall henceforth be known as the Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge.

Going against popular opinion, those people chosen to represent all of California shook our faith in a bicameral legislature by first voting 68-0 in the state Assembly and then 26-7 in the Senate. Unlike previous bad decisions, we can't blame this one on the rest of the state. Mark Leno and Leland Yee, San Francisco's chosen representatives in the State Senate, both voted in favor of calling it the Willie L. Brown Jr. Bridge, even though, in practice, we're almost certain they never will.

What comes next? Hand-wringing. Blog posts. Alcoholism, probably. But after that there's a lawsuit already in the works that formalizes our collective complaints and calls the state legislature out for fastracking the bill even though renaming a bridge was hardly a pressing matter. The effort is hopeful, but you'll forgive us if we don't have a lot of faith in its success.

And then there's the signage: because we the taxpayers mercifully won't be footing the bill for this one, the money for the signs declaring the new name will be privately funded. Which means theres another opportunity to curry favor with Willie and another sponsorship opportunity for Subway sandwiches.

This is some serious bullshit. Signing the petition will give a bit of ammunition to the lawsuit. Maybe.

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Tim Minchin's Storm the Animated Movie

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