Oversight: Thank You For Volunteering, Citizen

"Click to apply for a search warrant. It will normally be granted within 15 to 30 seconds. In most cases, this won't be necessary."

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6 Responses:

  1. Panda Ng says:

    That guy is awesome.

  2. Residuum says:

    Related: NSA backdoor for Rails apps https://github.com/goshakkk/nsa_panel

  3. phuzz says:

    I don't think anyone in the UK was surprised that GCHQ is attempting to listen in to all communications. I was kind of surprised at their competency though.

  4. Here's his page, he does some cool stuff. https://www.facebook.com/tomscott

  5. Mantas says:

    "Anyone could be part of our team...including the person you're bragging to."

    I might be too young to remember, but this sounds very similar to the stories about people working as spies in Soviet Russia...

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