Outrage fatigue

I saw this twit being passed around the other day and assumed it was a joke:

That time the NSA misread area code 202 as country code 20 & grabbed all the calls from Washington instead of Egypt.

It's not a joke.

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5 Responses:

  1. fluffy says:

    Many years ago I was getting phone calls from Somalia at odd hours on the morning, and I had no idea why. A few years later I switched to a VoIP phone service and discovered that calls placed to Seattle (206) were getting routed to Egypt, because nobody knows how to normalize country codes.

    I would have hoped that the NSA would know better than that...

  2. NB says:

    During a presidential election year, no less.

  3. gryazi says:

    About a week after those planes flew into things a dozen years ago, I got a call on my cellphone from the Palestinian mission to the UN or something - wasn't sure if someone I knew at a telco was screwing around (because CID spoofing and all), but actually called back after a couple days just in case anyone was recording to have it on record that I had no idea what the fuck that was about. They didn't either.

    Figures I'm in area code 203.

  4. Edouard says:

    I liked the quote:

    A senior intelligence official said only that if all offices and directorates were included, the number of violations would “not double.”

    Not "would be less than double". No, "not double".

    Is it wrong that I'm distrustful of these guys?

    Reminds me of my favorite weasel quote of all time (alas fictional, but still the asymptotic standard to which I see all others eventually approaching):

    No "one" has ever "died" "at" our nuclear power facility.