Glitch News

I have been enjoying Glitch News. I like it best when the headline is not English, so I have no context at all.


Exterminate all rational thought.

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6 Responses:

  1. Joe says:

    Looks like they might be using Dazzle technology.

  2. gryazi says:

    What image format/compression algo corrupts like the example given (and some of the others on there that come out fairly psychedelic instead of standard JPEG 'square o'garbage')?

    • reboots says:

      The Z-algo!

    • crowding says:

      Something wavelet based, file ordered by multiple resolution bands, judging from the pixels [the glitch affects a bit down/left of the bad bits in low spatial frequencies, and up/right at all spatial frequencies.] JPEG2000?

    • Anthony says:

      I've seen similar glitches like that from corrupted camera raw (.NEF) files.

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