Fragmented Memory

The only thing worse than being emailed a core dump is having one turned into a wall-sized tapestry.


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  1. Tim says:

    "The project uses digital practices and processes to blur the lines between photography, data visualization, textile design, and computer science. The result are works that serve not only to render visible the invisible processes mediating everyday experience, but also to operate as distinctly tactile and lo-fi digital storage media—the process becomes a means to capture, record, and transmit data."

    The only appropriate response to this author is to slap him in the face with a fish, blurring the lines between food and comical violence and smashing through the not-so-invisible pretentiousness dominating his thoughts.

  2. Dan Sylveste says:

    That's art marketing. If you say 'I rendered a core dump as a bitmap because I thought it might look cool, and it did...' well - anyone can do that!

    .o0(submitting core dump to printer aswespeak)

  3. Sheila says:

    Close up portions of the textile would make neat windows, like the Gerhard Richter Koln cathedral stained glass window.

  4. Karellen says:

    Hey buddy, wanna buy some Snow Crash?

  5. HP printers, when loaded a debug image, core dump to the actual paper. They would print several hundred pages worth of core dump in an OCR-friendly font. The RnD team would then take the whole stack (nicknamed the tombstone) and feed it through an automated scanner to analyse the actual dump...

  6. Jesper says:

    Read in Adam7 order.

  7. nooj says:

    I don't think that's worse!

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