Emperor Norton Bridge, Second Try

Petition: The Bay Bridge should be renamed to honor its original 19th-century visionary -- not turned into a modern-day political spoil.

Today, there is a June 2013 resolution afoot in the California State Legislature to name the western span of the Bay Bridge for former California Assemblyman / Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.

To be sure, it is not uncommon for living politicians to be commemorated with their names on buildings, roads and the like. And, no doubt, a suitably significant facility can be found with which to honor Willie Brown's many contributions to California and to San Francisco.

But the Bay Bridge -- not just the western span, but the entire landmark -- is unique. The 140-year-old vision that this landmark fulfills -- the vision of a Bay-spanning suspension bridge that unites the people of San Francisco, Oakland and the East Bay -- a vision that has shaped the lives of generations of the area's residents and visitors -- this vision is specific to Emperor Norton.

If the Bay Bridge is to be named for anyone, it should be named for him.

The last attempt at this failed nine years ago.

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5 Responses:

  1. Alana Dill says:

    This is a wonderful and fanciful idea. I hope it comes through!

  2. I endorse this proposal. It is the only moral choice.

  3. jal says:

    I think we have passed Robert's Rules for taking this to the floor.

  4. CJ says:

    Media coverage of this petition
    JAMIE ZAWINSKI (Mozilla and Netflix co-founder)

    Kids these days.

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