Apparently not The Onion:

Seattle police will hand out bags of Doritos at Hempfest on Saturday.

They're calling it "Operation Orange Fingers." Really.

Police department spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb confirmed the unusual duty, saying he and other officers will distribute one-ounce bags of nacho-cheese chips with educational information affixed to them about the state's new legal pot law.

The bags also will contain a label with a link to the department's "Marijwhatnow" FAQ, which explains that, yes, adults are now allowed to possess up to an ounce of weed, and that, no, you can't get back the pot that cops might have seized before voters legalized recreational weed in last November's election.

"Please ignore maliciously false reports that we're giving out Bugles at @seattlehempfest. We would never, ever do that," the department tweeted Wednesday.

Update: Here's the sticker.


4 Responses:

  1. I'll be doing voter registration from 10-3 on Saturday and Sunday. I've never seen the cops handing out anything before. Should be amusing :)

  2. If it weren't for their habit of shooting unarmed men in wheelchairs, I could almost get to like the SPD.

  3. alanj says:

    The last few days of @seattlepd are worthwhile.

  4. Less Onion, more Portlandia.